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Supply chain design and optimization for Coca-Cola HBC

Coca-Cola HBC is managing a complex portfolio of product flows in a CIS region. They sought expertise to implement logistics optimization across the region – find the best supply options, reduce the cost of goods movement and processing, calculate optimal safety stock, and keep it in accordance with the demand without sacrificing service level.

Supply chain network design for a telecom provider

A major European telecom company operating a country-wide supply chain network chose Deloitte CIS to develop an optimal supply chain design. It had to match the company's future demand forecasts and inventory optimization targets while maintaining a high level of logistics service at operational sites and points of sale. Using anyLogistix, Deloitte consultants created a step-by-step roadmap of transition from the current telecom supply chain design to the target state.

Danone-Waters in Mexico improved beverage supply chain efficiency and increased production capacity

Danone-Waters in Mexico partnered with VP Consulting to increase its supply chain efficiency. They used digital optimization strategies to address capacity constraints and improve operational performance. The project resulted in a 13% increase in production capacity and a 5% cost reduction, enabling the company to achieve sustainable growth and adaptability in a dynamic market.

Digital twin for supply chain design and cost reduction

One of the leading manufacturers in the USA, ICP Group, sought the expertise of consulting firm SimWell to analyze its supply chain design and address issues related to supply chain cost reduction, transportation, and distribution. By creating a digital twin, the company has been empowered to make data-driven decisions without relying on external consultants. This enabled ICP to significantly reduce uncertainty, create a sustainable path for continuous optimization, and identify a 7% savings opportunity.

Agricultural company optimizes its supply chain costs

For over 100 years Tessenderlo Group, a €1.6B diversified industrial organization has been delivering world-class products and solutions around agriculture and bio residuals. In North America, Tessenderlo has enjoyed steady organic growth since its inception. However, with constraints in their supply chain network becoming more evident, Tessenderlo recognized transportation asset availability, accessibility of transport modes, production capacity utilization, and operating costs needed to improve.

Strategic supply chain network design for pharmaceutical distributor

Houlihan Lokey, a global investment bank with expertise in capital markets, financial restructuring, and strategic consulting was commissioned by one of North America’s leading healthcare distributors to help revitalize their distribution operations. Over the past decade, the specialty healthcare distributor had undergone substantial growth by expanding existing product lines and acquiring complementary businesses, so the current single-point manufacturing and distribution network had become stretched.

Fast moving consumer goods supply chain risk management with artificial intelligence

ITC Infotech provides technology solutions and services to enterprises all over the world, including banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and consumer goods. The latest advanced technologies are applied in their work.

UK supply chain modernization to improve logistics efficiency

Decision Lab partnered with a UK manufacturer of baked goods to perform supply chain modernization. Through developed custom features of anyLogistix, the team transformed the client's outdated Excel-based system by centralizing data and processes. As a result, they improved logistics efficiency and were better positioned to address the dynamic demands of the industry.

Logistics network design for disaster response in Indonesia

Indonesia is home to more than 500 volcanoes and is threatened by some of the greatest seismic activity in the world. Much of this activity is offshore and brings the significant added risk of tsunamis. When disasters strike, especially in remote areas of the Indonesian archipelago, existing response capacities are invariably stretched. The challenge was to find a logistics network design that would facilitate disaster relief operations.

Managing food supply chain disruptions in a public distribution system

COVID-19 negatively impacted the Public Distribution System in India by restricting both human movement and the transportation of goods. The National Institute of Industrial Engineering, now the Indian Institute of Management Mumbai, was committed to overcoming these challenges and so developed a simulation that would help manage supply chain disruptions, mitigating the effects of this pandemic as well as any future ones.


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