Supply Chain Network Design and Optimization

Supply chain design is a continuous process. New challenges and opportunities mean business is always changing and success requires quick and informed decision making. A supply chain digital twin made with anyLogistix can help provide the necessary analysis and insight.

Supply chain network design software can help when growing a network and when optimizing those already in place. Here are the two key areas of application.

Supply chain design

New facilities, including distribution centers, warehouses, and production sites, need optimal locations. The solution can be straightforward, driven by factors such as the cost of labor, transportation networks, site availability and customer locations. However, decision making often becomes complex and unclear as more factors are considered. The challenge of finding the number of required sites, their capacities, and the right locations quickly increases as the reality of balancing costs, service levels, and other constraints are captured.

Supply chain optimization

Even though a supply chain has helped drive success in the past, how can its current and future performance be guaranteed? Informed decision making is required to choose the appropriate course of action and maintain an optimal configuration. Increasing digitization is delivering greater supply chain visibility more quickly, and disruptive change is challenging traditional business models. Overall, to stay competitive, it has never been more important to have a clear understanding of your supply chain and its workings.

anyLogistix supply chain software provides a suite of tools that enable informed decision making for supply chain design and optimization, including a demographic database. This helps locate new sites, depending on the population and customers' demand.

Supply chain problems and opportunities can be met in many ways, the difficulty is selecting the best course of action. In some cases, it is possible for the problem to be an apparent lack of options, or opportunities hidden in complexity.

Whether the options are too many or too few, both action and inaction can result in lost profit. anyLogistix helps remove this risk. Supply chain analytics, visualization and simulation help deliver clarity when making supply chain design and optimization decisions.

For a deeper dive into supply chain network design and optimization with anyLogistix, you can watch the following how-to video.

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