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Design Your Supply Chain, Run with Digital Twin

anyLogistix™ (ALX™) is software for designing supply chains and managing them with a digital twin. It integrates supply chain design, optimization, and simulation with your operations data so that you can analyze and improve your network from end-to-end.

Together, simulation and optimization give you the best set of tools for tackling supply chain challenges, enabling you to gain deep insights into your company’s supply chain, in ways not possible with traditional solutions.

anyLogistix provides a free perpetual license for the purposes of education and self-learning. Try it today!

Business Challenges

Network Design and Optimization

  • Determine how many sites you need and where
  • Define site capacities
  • Optimize inter-site product flows

Supply Chain Digital Twins

  • Understand supply chain dynamics and behavior
  • Discover bottlenecks on the fly
  • Test supply chain design changes

Transportation Optimization

  • Vehicle routing and shipping policies
  • Transportation budgeting and capacity planning
  • Fleet size and utilization calculation

Inventory Optimization

  • Safety stock estimation
  • Testing inventory policies
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

  • Test what-if scenarios
  • Assess operational and disruptive risks
  • Calculate risk-event probability and associated losses

Supply Chain Master Planning

  • Coordinate production, storage, and transport
  • Improve supply chain resource utilization
  • Reach target demand fulfilment

Supply Chain Simulation

  • Observe network performance over time
  • See how supply chain elements dynamically interact
  • Account for randomness in supply chains

Production Capacity Planning

  • Manufacturing footprint optimization
  • Production site capacity planning
  • Workload management across production sites

Bullwhip Effect Quantification

  • Simulate supply chain dynamics
  • Account for demand and lead time variability
  • Measure and mitigate the bullwhip effect

anyLogistix Software Features Checklist

Modeling Supply Chains as They Are

Capture the features of your network at every level of detail using anyLogistix dynamic simulation. Achieve precise results, without averaging, that describe the constraints and rules of supply chain operations as they are.

Dynamic simulation allows you to measure any important parameter in your supply chain, including how values change over time. You can use a whole range of out-of-the box statistics or create your own.

Design and Simulate with One Package

Be more precise in your analysis. by combining powerful analytical tools for network optimization with our unique dynamic simulation engine. Together, they deliver more accurate and transparent decision-support models, allowing for more efficient analysis.

Network optimization, greenfield analysis, and simulation scenarios each require a different set of data. To simplify transitions between scenarios, anyLogistix enables you to convert one scenario or result into another with just one click.

Supply Chain Digital Twin

anyLogistix integrates with your existing tech so that you can process, act on, and present your supply chain data as needed.

You can automatically gather data about your supply chain and configure your supply chain model’s objects, processes, and entities. Receive warnings and take action using notifications and triggers. For example, when service levels are falling or inventories are running low, you can alert users and run defined actions to help avoid critical situations.

Simulation Inside Four Walls

Get deeper insights by modeling operations inside a site’s four walls, such as:

  • Warehouses and DCs down to the level of a pallet and a forklift.
  • Factories, including conveyors and operations.
  • Retail shops.
  • Customer sites.

Risk and Uncertainties Analysis

anyLogistix can study how the randomness within a supply chain may influence the system: simulation models built in anyLogistix consider probabilities in operation timings and values.

Simulations allow you to analyze the risks associated with real-life uncertainties: lead times, demand fluctuations, resource availability, and other varying parameters.

Visualization and Analysis

Observe how your supply chain works, validate its model and make improvements while verifying assumptions.

With a powerful dashboard, you are never limited in how to present information.

anyLogistix allows you to investigate how a model produces its results. You can change parameters while a model is running and discover cause-and-effect dependencies. For example, how changing inventory policies will influence the bullwhip effect.

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Free Supply Chain Textbook

This guide explains how to use anyLogistix to create supply chain models, conduct experiments and analyze the results.

This guide groups the content into three parts that correspond to three basic process structures: two-stage, three-stage and four-stage supply chains — as well as supply chain-based risk management.

It presents simulation and optimization examples by describing how to develop and build models and evaluate KPIs.

The book is focused on management issues and uses clear terminology to describe the model development processes.


What Our Users Say

Deloitte Logo

Andrey Semenov, Deloitte CIS

anyLogistix is a new tool on the market, bringing together classic supply chain design capabilities with dynamic simulation in one platform. It allowed us to successfully complete a logistics network optimization project for one of our clients. We hope ALX to significantly expand our capabilities for detailed supply chain analysis.

Procter & Gamble Logo

Hassan Mirzahosseinian, SupChainEra, Procter & Gamble consultant

With the software’s supply chain design capabilities, we were able to design a large-scale supply chain digital copy and visualize 60,000 sites on the map. anyLogistix was the only tool that allowed us to simulate such a detailed network, and its powerful experiments furthered supply chain optimization process. Support team was extremely professional, from both technical and communication perspective.

Cardinal Health Logo

Chris Hawke, Director, Advanced Analytics at Cardinal Health

By the end of our evaluation, my team was impressed with the capabilities anyLogistix(ALX) offers. We especially liked the overall flexibility, the ability run multiple scenarios and the presentation of results. ALX is a strong option for complex Supply Chain Design and Network Simulation analyses.