Three key things to consider when designing your supply chain model in anyLogistix

April 8, 2021 Anastasiya Malinovskaya

Three key things to consider when designing your supply chain model in anyLogistix

Have you ever designed a digital supply chain? If yes, then you know how complex this process might be. Miss just one important element and your supply chain model will fail to deliver accurate results. What to do?

In this webinar our partners at SimWell in North America demonstrate 3 key tips and tricks that make a world of a difference to model building.

How to Design a Fast Digital Supply Chain

Model speed is a significant consideration during the supply chain design process that is often overlooked. Alex Ouellet, Founder and CEO of SimWell, demonstrates how shorter run times can improve your modeling results and explains the methodology for building fast accurate models in anyLogistix supply chain software. He also shares several practical optimization and simulation tricks to minimize run time.

Dynamic Simulation for Complex Projects

Simulation is another key point that needs considering in your supply chain design. While many supply chain problems can be successfully addressed with analytical optimization, dynamic simulation is the way to go when solving complex business challenges.

anyLogistix offers a combination of both optimization and simulation for supply chain design, transportation planning, risk assessment, and much more. During the webinar, Alex details the types of cases for which simulation is the most applicable approach. For a broader context, read more about how companies are already using anyLogistix with their supply chain in our case studies.

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Data Processing and Visualization

The third key point the webinar highlights is the flexibility of data handling in anyLogistix. Alex shows how to import and export information to and from Excel and how experiment results can be visualized with Business Intelligence tools.

Watch the webinar recording and learn the three key tips and tricks for supply chain network design.

Three Key Things to Consider when Designing Your Supply Chain Model in anyLogistix

Watch the webinar on YouTube.

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