anyLogistix Features Overview

anyLogistix is the supply chain analytics software to design, optimize and analyze your company’s supply chain. It combines powerful analytical optimization approaches together with innovative simulation technologies offering you a comprehensive set of tools for end-to-end supply chain analytics.
By leveraging both simulation and optimization methods you are never limited by the lack of modeling technology when approaching a supply chain problem, further enabling you to gain deeper insights into your company’s supply chain which are not possible with traditional solutions.

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Network Optimization


  • Carry out Greenfield analysis to find the number of facilities and their locations with minimum data input.
  • Perform multi-echelon Greenfield analysis for all tiers of your network.
  • Determine the best supply chain network configuration using the leading analytical solver, IBM ILOG CPLEX®.
  • Conduct supply chain master planning by period to optimize where and how much you need to produce, store, and ship.
  • With a single click, easily convert analytical optimization results into a dynamic simulation model for deeper analysis and to gain a deeper understanding of internal supply chain dynamics.
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Dynamic Simulation


  • Address problems that cannot be solved with analytical optimization by creating detailed dynamic simulations of your supply chain.
  • Analyze time dependent factors, random events, actual system behavior, and dynamic interactions between elements of your supply chain.
  • See how your metrics change over time. For example, examine what the values of these metrics were on the 25th day of the month: orders in progress, used capacities, costs/revenue, and more.
  • Consider complex logic in network level policies: replenishment, sourcing, manufacturing, and transportation. Take into account resource utilization rates (fleet, people, equipment).
  • Use a powerful set of pre-designed experiments to explore your supply chain from different angles.
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  • Integrate anyLogistix with your existing tech (ERP, MRP, WMS, etc.) to create a Supply Chain Digital Twin — a detailed simulation model of an actual supply chain that uses real-time data and snapshots to forecast supply chain dynamics.
  • Automatically gather data about your supply chain and configure your supply chain model’s objects, processes, and entities.
  • Receive warnings and take action using notifications and triggers. When, for example, service levels are falling or inventories are running low, you can alert users and run defined actions to help avoid critical situations.
  • Develop and test action plans based on real-time data. Use anyLogistix optimization, risk analysis, safety stock estimation, and transportation optimization to create action plans based on the data you receive on the fly.
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Supply Chain Digital Twins
Supply Chain Risk Mitigation


  • Simulate any disruptive event and see how it would affect your company.
  • What-if scenarios enable you to stress-test your supply chain in emergency situations.
  • Simulation modeling in anyLogistix allows you to include randomness in your supply chain model. By running the model multiple times, with varying parameters, you can see how instability can affect supply chain operations.
  • Using anyLogistix, you can create a digital twin of your supply chain, which will help you to respond quickly and effectively to any disruption.
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  • anyLogistix uses simulation, which is the only technology capable of realistic and accurate inventory planning.
  • Safety stock estimation experiment will help to find a balance between service level and cost-effectiveness.
  • Simulation can account for real-world randomness, which provides you with a deeper insight to find the optimal product stock volume.
  • Taking into consideration dynamics of the network operations and risks, simulation allows you to make more precise forecasts and increase your supply chain’s resilience.
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Supply Chain Inventory Optimization
Supply Chain Transportation Optimization


  • Account for client’s desired lead time when planning your deliveries.
  • Consider delivery time windows and driver working hours.
  • Define fleet mix for each delivery, as well as choose between own and third-party fleet.
  • Get accurate optimization results even for large-scale and complex networks.
  • Visualize routes and the order of delivery on a map.
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  • Measure everything you need in your supply chain model: costs, revenue, inventory dynamics, service levels, bullwhip effect, capacity, utilization, incoming/outgoing orders, and products.
  • Extend your reporting and add any custom metric yourself.
  • Examine how the metrics change over time when the model is running to see how the supply chain behaved in each moment of the simulated time.
  • Visualize your stats with a powerful built-in dashboard or export them into a 3rd-party BI software.
  • With map-based animation, your model is not a black box. You can see how the simulated supply chain works, giving your results credibility.
Flexible Statistics & Visualization
anyLogistix extensoins


  • Any component of an anyLogistix dynamic simulation model can be customized with AnyLogic® Professional, the leading simulation software tool.
  • Customize anyLogistix tables using AnyLogic. For example, you can change the way your transportation cost is calculated or model a custom inventory policy.
  • Customize any objects of your supply chain network: warehouses, distribution centers, factories, customers/market. You can edit ordering, inventory, sourcing, and transportation policies and capture in your model even the most specific business rules.
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