Supply Chain Digital Twins

A digital twin represents a real-world system in virtual space and can provide many benefits. Digital twins are immediately useful and continue to provide value over the long-term. They can be applied in specific supply chain areas or across entire systems. For a supply chain, a digital twin can help cut costs and deliver value. anyLogistix (ALX) provides a platform to create your supply chain digital twin and enhance your operational and tactical decision making.

An ALX supply chain model with current data can be used with ALX’s unique simulation and optimization abilities to develop plans and respond to changes. The freedom to explore scenarios and experiment with ideas means you can develop contingencies and test innovation. Clear statistics and visualizations allow you to easily understand and communicate supply chain insights.

A digital twin may represent part of a supply chain or its whole. It can be implemented alongside existing supply chain operations or introduced with new developments. Essentially, digital twins can be introduced and developed step by step – easing their deployment and maximizing their effect.

Supply chain digital twin simulation with anyLogistix

A supply chain digital twin can be used for:

  • understanding supply chain dynamics and behavior
  • bottleneck discovery
  • testing supply chain design changes and development
  • monitoring risk and testing contingencies
  • transportation planning
  • inventory optimization
  • cash to serve and cost to serve analysis
  • forecasting and testing operations over the coming days and weeks

Create your supply chain digital twin with ALX for supply chain oversight, powerful analytics, system testing, and development experimentation.

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