Inside Four Walls Facility Analysis

Uncertainty leads to high costs in supply chains, and keeping production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers as black boxes can mean significant exposure to the unknown.

Not knowing the processes inside supply chain facilities means relying on their input and output data when conducting diagnostics, forecasting, and optimization. Any variations in production or order processing, for example, must be accounted for with averages, margins of error, or second guessing. To remove this uncertainty, it is necessary to understand how the facilities work. This understanding can then provide the insight needed to make cost savings, improve efficiency, and meet service level targets.

Simulation modeling can capture what is happening inside the four walls of supply chain nodes – helping remove uncertainty and enabling supply chain managers to build on the knowledge of operational interactions.

With anyLogistix (ALX) it is possible to determine and optimize:

  • Facility layouts
  • Staff activity
  • Machine operations
  • Transportation and material handling
  • Performance metrics, such as inventory levels and resource utilization

It is also possible, with regular data input from a supply chain’s real-world counterpart, to create a supply chain digital twin. The insight from having a supply chain model can then be used for agile and informed operational decision making as conditions change.

Supply chain facility analysis with anyLogistix

Insight inside the four walls of facilities provides the opportunity to remove bottlenecks and make cost savings. It is possible to refine processes for reduced cost and risk while meeting target service levels.

Simulating inside the four walls with ALX allows you to:

  • Identify constraints
  • Test policies
  • Mitigate against the bullwhip effect
  • Improve inventory optimization
  • Visually verify and communicate operations
  • Evaluate risks
  • Estimate resources and optimize processes

ALX is a complete supply chain design and optimization tool with fully integrated simulation modeling that uses the proven AnyLogic simulation environment. ALX gives you detailed metrics on your supply chain performance and unique insight into its operation.

For a deeper dive into inside four walls facility analysis with anyLogistix, you can watch the following how-to video.

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