Transportation Planning

The anyLogistix (ALX) simulation-based transportation logistics optimization and planning software tool is the instrument for comprehensive long- and mid-term logistics planning. It allows you to model your transportation network and experiment with it to make effective and risk-free decisions, by:

  • Planning transportation logistics at strategic and tactical levels
  • Determining better transportation policies and means and improving related business rules
  • Supporting supply chain design with precise transportation data
  • Optimizing routes and reducing costs
  • Assessing risks and managing changes in logistics
  • Estimating fleet size and vehicle utilization rates

What Challenges Can Be Solved with ALX?

Using what-if scenario analysis and optimization, you can complete the following challenges:

Policy Planning:
  • Transportation budgeting
  • Choosing shipping policies (for example, LTL or FTL)
  • Choosing transport means options (for example, truck or train, own or rented fleet)
  • Transportation capacity planning

Routing Optimization and Fleet Management:
  • Backhaul logistics optimization
  • Multiple-stop routing optimization
  • Fleet size and utilization calculation

What Can ALX Transportation Models Consider?

ALX is the only multimethod transportation logistics planning software tool. Its simulation modeling capabilities allow the users to take into account factors and restrictions unsupported by traditional analytical software tools, including:

  • Vehicle type attributes: capacity, fuel consumption, maintenance requirements
  • Route characteristics: vehicle type restrictions, speed limits, toll roads, seasonal changes
  • Cargo characteristics: shelf lives, required temperatures, safety conditions, other shipping guidelines
  • Individual site features: vehicle types accepted, loading/unloading lead times, working hours, and more
  • Regulations and laws: CO2 emission restrictions, labor conditions regulations
  • Time and randomness: real travel times considering risks and uncertainties, breakdown probabilities, damage/loss of cargo risks, and more
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