Transportation Logistics and Optimization Software

Supply chain transportation networks are at their best, and most efficient, when daily operations are backed by strategic and tactical planning. However, a transportation plan, strategic or tactical, will bring more accurate results and drive more value if it captures the complexity of a transportation network and considers factors which can influence logistics operations.

anyLogistix transport logistics software provides tools for such granular transportation planning. It allows users to design a digital replica of the existing, or planned, route network. The model can be used to check that associated KPIs are met, test network response to sudden changes, and answer transportation planning questions such as:

  • Does the transportation plan allow me to deliver on time and maintain the SLA targets?
  • How would a change in delivery time windows and driver working hours influence plan performance?
  • Is the assigned fleet mix optimal for the route?
  • Would the service level remain the same if another product was included in the shipment?
  • What if we stop service to one or several customers?
  • How does the route network performance change when scaling?


The software allows for considering various time-related requirements, including preferred delivery dates and customer service time windows, which can greatly influence on-time delivery. Unlike other transport planning software, anyLogistix gives an opportunity to include driver working hours in the transportation plan. This feature helps prevent violation of hours of service (HoS) and avoid possible penalties for both the driver and the carrier.

Transportation optimization and analysis with anyLogistix

Optimization of fleet utilization is another feature of anyLogistix transport logistics software that contributes to more granular planning. It helps define optimal fleet mix for each journey to reduce empty legs and decide on the best fleet option: whether to assign a trip to the in-house fleet, employ third-party fleets, or a combination of the two. In addition, the calculated itinerary and its associated legs can be displayed on a map relative to towns, cities, highways, and streets.

Along with the map view of the itinerary and the fleet mix, transportation optimization scenario generates a ready-to-go transportation schedule detailed to:

  • Cost, profit, and revenue for each leg
  • Duration of trips, including time spent on the road and processing time
  • Time and distance covered, as well as the number of orders carried, by each vehicle
  • Vehicle utilization rates

Such transportation optimization models allow supply chain specialists to predict, with great precision, financial implications of the transportation plan and make informed decisions concerning various route options.


Large-scale transportation networks require repeated debottlenecking to support SLA targets and make space for further expansion. For such networks, anyLogistix transport logistics software offers advanced transportation optimization powered by VeeRoute optimization engine. It helps enhance the efficiency of complex itineraries, including hundreds, or even thousands of delivery points, and provides fast results. More about advanced route optimization with anyLogistix >>


In anyLogistix transport logistics software, an optimized transportation schedule can be instantly turned into a dynamic simulation of the supply chain network. Simulation provides ‘what-if’ capabilities and acts as a sandbox for experimentation of scenarios where traditional evaluation methods are inapplicable. With anyLogistix simulation you can:

  • Optimize inventory and service levels across the supply chain
  • Assess facility utilization
  • Test replenishment and sourcing policies
  • See how demand fluctuations influence your supply chain
  • Analyze carbon emission associated with your fleets operations

anyLogistix transport optimization helps deliver a detailed transportation plan, lower costs, improve route and fleet combinations, and increase service levels. Utilizing anyLogistix technologies enables optimal strategic, tactical, and operational transportation planning for high performance logistics.

How can route optimization help deliver on time and maintain SLA targets?

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