Supply chain design

anyLogistix™ (ALX™) is software for designing supply chains and managing them with a digital twin. It integrates supply chain design, optimization, and simulation with your operations data so that you can analyze and improve your network end-to-end.

Together, simulation and optimization give you the best set of tools for tackling supply chain challenges, enabling you to gain deep insights into your company’s supply chain, in ways not possible with traditional solutions.


  • With a detailed supply chain simulation model, capture the logic and predict the behavior of your network, including inside the four walls of your warehouses and factories. Potential issues requiring management action can be forecast and identified.
  • Develop and test action plans. Use anyLogistix experiments such as optimization, risk analysis, safety stock estimation and transportation optimization to create action plans. Then, test them, receive forecasts and examine their performance.
  • Automatically gather data about your supply chain and configure your supply chain model’s objects, processes, and entities.
  • Receive warnings and take action using notifications and triggers. When, for example, service levels are falling or inventories are running low, you can alert users and run defined actions to help avoid critical situations.
  • anyLogistix integrates with your existing tech so that you can process, act on, and present your supply chain data as needed.


  • anyLogistix combines analytical tools for network optimization together with a unique dynamic simulation engine. Using these techniques together, it delivers more accurate and transparent decision-support models, allowing for more efficient analysis.
  • Define network structure with optimization, then analyze all the particularities with simulation – examine each and every aspect of your supply chain.
  • anyLogistix simulation is powered by AnyLogic®, the industry leading simulation software tool, combined with the renowned optimization abilities of IBM ILOG CPLEX®.

Modeling supply chains as they are

  • Every supply chain is unique and comes with its own idiosyncrasies. Dynamic simulation allows you to capture the features of your network at every level of detail.
  • anyLogistix standard policies, behaviors, and site characteristics can be adjusted to represent the special traits of your supply chain using AnyLogic simulation software.
  • You can describe the constraints and rules of supply chain operations as they are, to achieve precise results, without averaging.

Simulation inside four walls

With ALX, you don’t need to stop your analysis at the network level. Go deeper with detailed modeling of site operations inside four walls, such like:

  • Warehouses and DCs down to the level of a pallet and a forklift.
  • Factories, including conveyors and operations.
  • Retail shops.
  • Customer sites.

Uncertainties and risk analysis

  • anyLogistix can study how the randomness within a supply chain may influence the system: simulation models built in ALX consider probabilities in operation timings and values.
  • Simulations allow you to analyze the risks associated with real-life uncertainties, including lead times, demand fluctuations, resource availability, and other varying parameters.

Visualization and model transparency

  • In addition to realistic calculations, simulation provides live animation, allowing you to see supply chain operations in action. This transparency allows the inspection of network dynamics while a model is running and the validation of a system representation.
  • With animation, your model is not a black box. Having it animated enables scenario visualization, so you can see how the model works, giving your results credibility.
  • anyLogistix allows you to investigate how a model comes to its results. By changing model parameters when it is running, you can discover cause-and-effect dependencies – for example, how will changing inventory policies influence the bullwhip effect.

Measurement of every aspect

  • Dynamic simulation allows you to measure any important parameter in your supply chain, including how the values change over time.
  • You can use a whole range of out-of-the box statistics or create your own.


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