Singapore Supply Chain - THINK Executive Events

April 4, 2018 Sergey Suslov

Singapore Supply Chain - THINK Executive Events

Prof. Mark Goh, NUS School of Business; Mr Tay Choon Hong, ST Electronics; Mr. Neo Hong Keat, ST Electronics; Dr. Christopher Holmes, Managing Director IDC Insights Asia/Pacific.

THINK Executive

Joining The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific, National University of Singapore, anyLogistix was honored to present as part of the THINK Series. The THINK Series provides a platform for thought leadership, knowledge dissemination, and executive learning by bringing together commercial and academic leadership.

March 2nd saw Prof. Dr. Paul Schönsleben, Professor for Operations and Supply Chain Management at ETH Zurich, give valuable insight into Industry 4.0. Detailing, with examples, the impact the initiatives are already having. Not only does the embrace of ‘smart factories’ enhance production effectiveness and efficiency, but it is also attracting the best young talent to the industrial sectors. Read the summary ‘What Benefits do Initiatives such as Industry 4.0 Offer for Production Locations in High-Wage Countries?’ in Chapter 2 of the collected papers [PDF].

The summit clearly displayed how technology is transforming supply chain and logistics across the Asia Pacific region and around world. Following the summit, a THINK Solutions event explored how technology can be used to optimize supply chain performance. Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development and co-owner of The AnyLogic Company, explored supply chain optimization, implementation, and analysis, giving examples and business cases. You can download the related white paper and summit materials:

Thank you to all those involved and in attendance for making the summit and follow-up seminar informative and successful. The seminar was part of a series attended by anyLogistix, with further events in Jakarta and Bangkok. Take a look at Thailand 4.0 and going beyond traditional optimization!

⚡ Also, don’t miss the opportunity to get discover more of the latest in supply chain technology developments at this year’s AnyLogic Conference.