How to design and optimize a better supply chain

January 24, 2018 Sergey Suslov

How to design and optimize a better supply chain

Seminars in Asia

Bringing together supply chain expertise and innovation, our Asian seminar season features events in Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Learn how organizations tackle challenges across the supply chain industry, including presentations from Deloitte, and Asia’s top-ranked, University of Singapore.

Jakarta Seminar
February 27, 2018
Singapore Seminar
March 2, 2018
Bangkok Seminar
March 5, 2018

New developments

Our experts will introduce the latest version of anyLogistix, focusing on how to:

  • locate distribution centers and warehouses
  • optimize inventory policies and calculate safety stock levels
  • perform master-planning for production facilities
  • consider cost-benefit trade-off and quality of service in supply chain design
  • improve transportation policies (FTL, LTL) and organize ‘milk runs’
  • optimize dedicated fleet execution
  • assess supply chain robustness and associated risks

Supply chain is developing rapidly, reserve your place, get the knowledge, and meet the people you need to know.