Free anyLogistix Seminar in Jakarta

Date and time: February 27, 2018, 8.30 am — 4.00 pm

City: Jakarta, Indonesia

Venue: Ali Wardana Building, 1st Floor, Graha Sawala Room, Jl. Lapangan Banteng Timur no. 2-4, Jakarta Pusat (map)

Organizers: Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Republic of Indonesia; The Logistics Institute - Asia Pacific, National University of Singapore ; The AnyLogic Company

About the seminar

Optimizing end-to-end supply chain performance requires balancing the impact of improvement initiatives across people, processes and technologies. Traditional approaches to optimization, such as Lean Six Sigma are no longer enough to stay ahead. Increasingly, digital techniques are being employed. As the world shifts towards digital business models and technologies, coupled with changes in the global workforce and intensifying competitive threats, there is an increasing need to include innovative thinking and multifunctional transformational efforts. This seminar will be dedicated to discussing some of the current techniques for optimizing the performance of supply chain networks, and will conclude with a panel discussion of tool providers and local practitioners on the need for performance optimization tools and how they can be applied to enhance supply chain network performance.

seminar agenda

    • 8.30 am — Registration
    • 9.00 am — CMEA: Welcome and Opening Remarks
    • 9.15 am — TLIAP: Opening Remarks
    • 9.30 am — ST Electronics: Intelligence and Control in Land Transport
    • 9.50 am — Tea Break
    • 10.10 am — Ministry of Finance: The Development of Bonded Logistics Center
    • 10.30 am — TLIAP: Decision Support
    • 10.50 am — The AnyLogic Company: Supply Chain Design, Optimization and Simulation Techniques
    • 12.30 pm — Networking Lunch
    • 1.30 pm — Panel discussion: Performance Optimization — Demands and Applications
    • 3.30 pm — No Limit Indonesia
    • 3.45 pm — Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs: Closing Remarks
    • 4.00 pm — End of Seminar


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