anyLogistix 2.9.1 Released

February 14, 2019 Gavin Wilkinson

anyLogistix 2.9.1 Released

From your feedback we have added new features to anyLogistix. The 2.9.1 release of anyLogistix also brings three new example models for you to explore, plus a handful of performance and bug fixes.

If you already have anyLogistix installed, you will receive a prompt to upgrade. Otherwise, the latest builds of anyLogistix Studio and anyLogistix PLE are available for manual download. Key changes in anyLogistix 2.9.1:

Brown field capabilities for the Green Field Analysis (GFA) experiment

The GFA experiment with brown field capabilities allows the redesign or extension of existing supply chains to include new facilities and customers. This means, for example, an existing distribution center is considered, while new facility locations, for network expansion, can be explored using the experiment.

Time windows for Capacitated Transportation Optimization (CTO)

Shipping start times and delivery or collection time periods can be set when running the CTO experiment. For example, a delivery company can meet customer demands for delivery within a specified time frame while maintaining optimal values for other shipment parameters.

You will find a model to demonstrate the CTO with Time Windows feature included with the new example models in anyLogistix version 2.9.1. The other new examples models demonstrate a factory with production lines, and an extensions demonstration that models inside 4 walls.

If you are already using anyLogistix, be sure to update and make use of the latest version. If you have yet to try the supply chain analytics software, check out the new features in the free personal learning edition. And don’t forget to explore the case studies, blog, and upcoming events!

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