anyLogistix 2.15.3 released

September 8, 2022 Stepan Egorov

We have released anyLogistix 2.15.3, a new minor version of the supply chain analytics software.

Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Major and minor improvements, focused on stability and quality of the software – from faster loading at the start to more detailed log messages for problem tracing.
  • New example scenario – Network Optimization Reverse Logistics. Open it in anyLogistix and learn how to optimize a network with a backwards product flow, such as return of packaging for recycling.
  • New advanced tutorial – Transportation Cost Calculator. See how you can customize default cost calculators in anyLogistix Studio using AnyLogic Extension Editor and Java code. The tutorial links to the reworked Transportation Cost Calculator extension template.
  • You can now find the templates (.alp files) of the extended objects that are used in example scenarios in the software installation folder.

The anyLogistix Help website also comes with a new article How Network Optimization works that will be useful if you have a simulation modeling background and you’re new to the supply chain network optimization concept.

More details about the changes – in the Release Notes section of the Help website.

The development team’s main focus is still on anyLogistix 3, which will have a renewed UI, state-of-the-art technology stack, and a native client-server support. Stay tuned to our blog to have the most up-to-date information about anyLogistix 3.