Next-generation anyLogistix 3—see what’s new

May 13, 2022 Anastasiya Malinovskaya

To help you gain deep insights into your company’s supply chain operations, we currently offer anyLogistix 2.x both as an application for personal learning and as professional software for business.

However, we’re also preparing something new and would like to share our excitement. Let’s take a quick look at the upcoming next-generation anyLogistix 3:

What’s new?

anyLogistix 3.0 will move to the new tech stack and is set to transform the feel and look of supply chain analysis. Interface changes and updated design will improve user experience and help you work more quickly and intuitively.

A few other improvements:

1. Native client-server support

With the new client-server architecture, you could install anyLogistix on a local server or a server in a private cloud and work with your colleagues on large-scale scenarios.

2. Easier model sharing

The private cloud option will also streamline sharing your work with stakeholders and colleagues. For example, several analysts could work on the same project together and remotely, sharing its results.

3. Running anyLogistix from a browser

As anyLogistix supports local server/private cloud server installation, you could launch it in Chrome without downloading additional software to your computer. With the calculations done on a server, you don’t have to worry if your laptop is powerful enough.

4. Cross-platform access

Server installation offers a new cross-platform opportunity – launching anyLogistix 3 on any operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you prefer offline desktop access to your projects, no worries here as well. This option, currently available in anyLogistix 2, will remain in the new version as well.

Stay tuned

While we continue with anyLogistix 2.x releases (mainly bugfixes) and support our customers, the development team’s focus is on the new version.

In summer, we are planning anyLogistix 3 technology preview release with limited access to collect feedback. Stay tuned with our blog as we will keep posting about upcoming updates and related news.

New to anyLogistix supply chain modeling and analysis software? Would like to learn more about its features and functionality? Download the software’s technical datasheet.