Transportation Logistics and Optimization Software

Supply chain transportation networks are at their best and most efficient when daily operations are backed by strategic and tactical planning. By considering medium- and long-term logistical demands your supply chain can run smoothly and be a driver of value. anyLogistix provides the tools necessary for confident and informed planning that delivers now and into the future.

Using anyLogistix supply chain software you can optimize your transportation logistics by:

  • Planning transportation logistics at strategic and tactical levels
  • Accounting for randomness in lead times, loading times, demand, and order processing
  • Determining better transportation policies and improving related business rules
  • Supporting supply chain design with precise transportation data
  • Assessing risks and managing changes in logistics
  • Estimating fleet size and vehicle utilization rates

Analysis and Forecasting

The simulation capabilities of anyLogistix, and the ability to account for randomness, enable deep insight into the operation and effectiveness of your supply chain. Data from the real supply chain can be regularly fed into the model to create a supply chain digital twin. The results enable detailed diagnostics and forecasting, based not just on statistical generalizations but on the interaction of supply chain components.

Transportation optimization and analysis with anyLogistix

What if?

Simulation also empowers anyLogistix with a dynamic ‘what-if’ capability. You can test and analyze different scenarios and seek optimization where traditional methods are inapplicable. Simulation provides a sandbox for experimentation where you can resolve challenges such as:

  • Transportation budgeting
  • Choosing shipping policies (for example, LTL or FTL)
  • Choosing transport means options (for example, truck or train, own or rented fleet)
  • Transportation capacity planning
  • Fleet size and utilization calculation

anyLogistix advances supply chain transportation planning by introducing powerful dynamic simulation modeling technologies. Utilizing these technologies enables optimal strategic, tactical, and operational transportation planning for high performance logistics.

See how anyLogistix helped transport planning in our case studies.


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