ICP & SimWell Supply Chain Digital Twin Journey with anyLogistix

ICP & SimWell Supply Chain Digital Twin Journey with anyLogistix

ICP’s executives partnered up with SimWell Consulting & Technologies to develop a digital twin solution based on anyLogistix. The goal was to optimize a complex supply chain with over 20 sites acting as both DCs and manufacturing facilities.

To do that, they needed to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Understand ICP’s supply chain network.
  2. Effectively create data pipelines to capture all relevant details of ICP’s supply chain network.
  3. Create models that lead to the identification of nearly 10% cost savings.
  4. Develop effective communication tools to drive implementation.

In this video, watch the process of developing a digital twin.

Presentation agenda:

  1. ICP — a global coating manufacturing leader.
  2. ICP’s challenges, opportunities, and approach.
  3. anyLogistix capabilities for supply chain footprint, asset utilization, transportation, and distribution.
  4. Enabling the development of a digital twin.
  5. Development of integrated data architecture solutions for digital twin implementation by ICP & Simwell.
  6. Why anyLogistix: a solution for a sustainable digital twin.
  7. Digital twin journey’s benefits and takeaways.
  8. Q&A session.

Additional materials: