Extending an "Out of the Box" Supply Chain Tool for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Extending an "Out of the Box" Supply Chain Tool for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Managing a supply chain in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is complex and demanding. Falling behind in technological advances can further complicate the task and give competitors the upper hand.

Supply chain management technologies can be a critical factor in helping to identify bottlenecks and make optimal decisions. In this context, advanced simulation tools can be used to model, optimize, and analyze various aspects of inventory management, logistics, and demand forecasting.

At the ALX Conference 2023, Decision Lab discussed their approach to customizing a standard simulation and optimization tool to incorporate specific data-driven features. This effort is a part of a client's broader digital transformation strategy, aimed at making their supply chain more efficient and responsive.

In this video, watch how Decision Lab improved supply chain efficiency by automating simulation models in the FMCG sector.

Presentation agenda:

  1. Introduction: problem, solution, and results.
  2. Purpose of the case study.
  3. The FMCG client introduction.
  4. Identifying the client’s problems & challenges.
  5. Choosing the software – anyLogistix.
  6. Solution: extending anyLogistix functionality.
  7. Bespoke features of anyLogistix.
  8. Results, conclusion, and final thoughts.
  9. Q&A session.

Additional materials: