anyLogistix 3.2 – time windows, scenario import and export, experiments, and performance

May 17, 2024 Andrei Nozhenko

Recently, we released anyLogistix 3.2, the latest version of our supply chain design and optimization software. This update is designed to help you analyze your supply chain with even greater efficiency. So, let's take a look at the new features and improvements in anyLogistix 3.2.


  1. Time Windows for simulation modeling
  2. Working with scenarios: import and export
  3. Experiments and performance
  4. Better user interface
  5. Other improvements
  6. Conclusion

Time Windows for simulation modeling

We are excited to introduce a long-awaited feature: Time Windows for facilities. With this update, you can make your simulations even more realistic by setting specific operating hours for each facility.

In anyLogistix 3.2, you can now define the days and times when each facility operates. There, you'll find the following attributes:

  • Processing Orders – manages incoming and outgoing orders.
  • Loading & Dispatching – determines when a facility can load goods and send shipments for delivery.
  • Receiving & Unloading – specifies times for receiving and unloading incoming shipments.
  • Production – controls the factory's production capabilities.

Here's what you can do with the Time Windows feature:

  • Set specific hours for different activities in your facilities. Whether it's processing orders, loading and dispatching, receiving and unloading, or managing production, you can now tailor operation times to match real-world scenarios.
  • Customize schedules for individual operations or apply one schedule to all facilities. This makes it easier to manage your operations and ensure alignment with actual business hours.

Time Windows for a simulation model in anyLogistix 3.2 (click to enlarge)

Moreover, you can choose the All Operations option to apply a unified schedule to all types of activities, simplifying the definition of working hours across facilities.

Working with scenarios

In addition to the Time Windows feature, you'll find new functionality for working with scenarios in anyLogistix 3.2.

Coping a scenario along with the results in anyLogistix supply chain optimization software

Coping a scenario along with the results
(click to enlarge)

Easily share scenarios with results

Now, you can copy your scenario along with the results. This feature is particularly helpful if you want to save a progress stage of the experiment with its results as a separate scenario without rerunning experiments. Additionally, it has become easier to share your work with colleagues for further analysis.

The process is simple: select the results you want to copy, and they'll be included in the new scenario, provided it's of the same type, such as from one simulation scenario to another.

Import scenarios from another project

Importing scenarios from another project – advanced settings in anyLogistix supply chain optimization software

Importing scenarios from
another project – advanced settings
(click to enlarge)

We've also improved how you can manage scenarios across different projects. If you're working on Project A and you want to import a scenario from Project B, you can now directly import it into your current project.

This feature saves time, especially when you're looking to reuse elements from past projects or share your scenario with colleagues. You no longer have to export scenarios to Excel and then import them back; the process is now straightforward.

The functionality is supported across all the local projects on both Windows and Mac OS desktop versions. If you're working in the anyLogistix Professional Server version, ensure you have access to the project from which you wish to copy scenarios.

Note that the ability to import scenarios is fully compatible with the scenario copying with results feature we mentioned above. Now it allows you to bring over scenarios with their results from other projects. This option is available in the advanced settings of the import dialog.

Import or export several scenarios at once

Gone are the days of importing or exporting scenarios one at a time. With anyLogistix 3.2, you can handle multiple scenarios simultaneously, which also includes options to rename them before importing or exporting if needed.

Scenario selection dialog for export in anyLogistix supply chain optimization software Export dialog with multiple scenarios selected in anyLogistix supply chain optimization software Rename scenarios dialog in anyLogistix supply chain optimization software

Importing or exporting several scenarios at once in anyLogistix 3.2 (click to enlarge)

The anyLogistix import and export interface, which can handle multiple files at once, is now simpler and easier to use. This enhancement makes managing large volumes of data smoother and lets you focus more on analysis and less on processes.

Improvements in experiments and performance

We've made several enhancements to the experiments and performance of anyLogistix. New algorithms have been added, and existing ones have been improved for both the greenfield analysis (GFA) and GFA with roads experiments. This results in increased speed and more accurate outcomes.

Additionally, in the new version, there is now a more flexible approach to customer clusterization in the GFA with roads experiment. Now you have two options:

  1. In default mode, first you can define sites and then optimize customer clustering once you've identified optimal distribution centers' locations.
  2. The alternative mode optimizes customer clustering while defining sites. This method may take more time, but it often leads to more accurate results.

Improvements in data management now make it easier to add and remove data from tables and to delete scenarios and results efficiently. The Structure view feature now includes the ability to filter results, and with improved performance in displaying statistics, data is presented quicker.

Better user interface

Along with the improvements mentioned above, the interface of anyLogistix is now more user-friendly.

First up, the controls for both the Map and Structure views have been optimized.

Now, adding filters to Map and Structure views to show or hide facilities based on your preferences is straightforward. For those who prefer a clearer visual of connections on the map, there is an option to display all connections as straight lines, which helps understand the structure more easily.

On the Map view, you'll find +/- buttons for zooming in and out, which make navigation smoother, especially if you're using a laptop. Additionally, each scenario keeps its own map settings separate. This allows you to customize filters and connection modes individually without affecting the settings when you switch between them.

Optimized Map and Structure views in anyLogistix (click to enlarge)

Moving on to creating charts, in anyLogistix 3.2, you'll find an improved Chart creation dialog. The dialog is not only simpler and more compact, but also more intuitive. This should make it much easier to use and understand, so you can quickly get the needed visual data representation.

Moreover, you'll find that the Scenario creation and Scenario properties dialogs now have a better appearance. However, they're not just good-looking; they're also more functional.

Improved chart creation dialog in anyLogistix supply chain optimization software Scenario creation dialog in anyLogistix supply chain optimization software Scenario properties dialog in anyLogistix supply chain optimization software

Improved Chart, Scenario creation, and Scenario properties dialogs (click to enlarge)

If you're using anyLogistix Professional Server, you'll notice the updated interface on the login and registration pages. They're much cleaner and more modern now.

Other enhancements

In anyLogistix 3.2, you may spot a few more features that might seem small but are quite important. We've moved anyLogistix to Java 17, which means better stability and performance for all users.

For those of you who use anyLogistix Professional Server, there is a new and easier way to handle log files—they are now split by size. Plus, the log file space and its amount are now limited, helping to keep things neat and under control.

Wrapping up

We're really excited about the updates in anyLogistix 3.2, and we hope you'll be too. It's packed with features that make everything from simulations to user interactions smoother and more intuitive. Now, you can set up Time Windows that reflect actual operating hours, manage scenarios more easily, and enjoy an interface that's cleaner and simpler to navigate. Find out more about the changes in the release notes.

We are always open to feedback to make anyLogistix better, so if you have any suggestions or questions, don't hesitate to contact us. You can do it through the Feature request form within anyLogistix or the Contact us form on the website.

Download and check out the new version—you'll find that managing your supply chain has never been easier.