anyLogistix 2.8 released

April 25, 2018 Gavin Wilkinson

anyLogistix 2.8 released

The new version of anyLogistix introduces a range of new features and enhancements to the supply chain design and optimization software.

If you have anyLogistix, your software will update automatically.

Read on and discover what is new!

Capacitated Transport Optimization experiment

This new vehicle routing experiment forms part of the Transport Optimization group. Considering vehicle capacities and customer demand for set periods, the experiment produces optimal delivery routes between distribution centers and customers.

Risk Analysis experiment

With the new experiment, it is now possible to account for risk. The experiment considers operational risks and disruptions with regard to supply chain service levels and the time needed to recover from any impacts. The results come from running the experiment a specified number of times and can be displayed graphically, showing the best, mean, and worst case scenarios.

Greenfield Analysis with Roads

A greenfield analysis (GFA) experiment that is set to consider real roads and the population of cities. It produces geographically realistic supply chains including customers, distribution centers, and suppliers.

CO2 Emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions can now be considered in Network Optimization and Simulation. New expressions appear in Network Optimization and new statistics are available in Simulation. Both vehicular and facility CO2 emissions are modeled.


Cash in a simulation is now tracked, with accounts and payment terms considering loans with interest, delayed payments, and down payments. This captures the nature and detail of cash flow in relation to the supply chain.

Network Optimization Feasibility Check

On starting the Network Optimization experiment, anyLogistix checks if the experiment can be solved. This saves computing resources, and suggestions help resolve run-time problems.

Extensions Manager

anyLogistix extensions can now be added, enabled or disabled, and deleted easily. Extensions can also be selected for modification and automatically opened in AnyLogic.

Extension Templates

A set of pre-configured extensions are now available for users to inspect, copy and modify.

Get Support

Support is now faster and more detailed. You can get support direct from within the anyLogistix application, launch help from the menu and the application will provide a form to gather information and help resolve your query.

If you already have anyLogistix, it will soon update with these features.

The personal learning edition (PLE) also includes many of the updates and is free for self-education.

For new users, check out the anyLogistix e-book and learn how to model supply chains, conduct experiments, and analyze simulation results.