anyLogistix 2.12: Designing sophisticated transportation policies

December 11, 2020 Egor Yakovlev

Information in this blog has been superseded. The Advanced Transport Optimization experiment is currently unavailable in anyLogistix.

anyLogistix release with transportation policies optimization features

Introducing our newest supply chain design and analytics software release – anyLogistix 2.12.

This version features advanced capabilities for simulating sophisticated transportation policies. Supply chain and logistics specialists, for networks small and large, can better assess shipping options, optimize shipping fleets, and account for custom facility work and shipping times.

Here’s how you can benefit from the new features:

  • Simulate and compare freight shipping methods, including:
    1. LTL and FTL policies
    2. Push policy - for shipping products on schedule or inventory overload
    3. Pending orders policy - to limit warehouse order storage time.

    Now distributors, 3PL providers, and other companies which use various shipping methods can combine them within a transportation model and test their efficiency against each shipment.

  • Calculation of vehicle ownership and operation costs. The metric enables to determine when to replace vehicles or consider a transition to third-party fleets.

  • Easily model dynamic changes in fleet size, simulating vehicle breakdowns during trips and the introduction of new trucks in the fleet.

  • Set working days and delivery time windows for warehouses and distribution centers. These adjustments help accurately model reality and produce more detailed results.

  • Optimized trip schedule – an advanced transportation optimization scenario output – now can be mirrored in a simulation scenario to observe the dynamics.

anyLogistix 2.12 also introduces software performance improvements and licensing updates. Ask for a quote and experience the fully functional anyLogistix Studio Edition.

To try it for free, download anyLogistix PLE.