Supply Chain Risk Analysis with anyLogistix

Supply Chain Risk Analysis with anyLogistix

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How to minimize risks in your supply chain?

Supply chain operations are associated with many risks. Building a resilient supply chain means finding a balance of robustness and agility. Enhanced understanding, planning, and management can make your supply chain resilient, minimize the costs of risk and maximize business objectives.

This webinar features practical examples of how anyLogistix (ALX) can handle both operational and disruptive risks to help you in your decision making.

Webinar agenda:

  1. Risks in supply chain
    • Operational risks
    • Disruption risks
    • The ripple effect
  2. Risk analysis
    • How does risk analysis impact supply chain?
    • Time to recover (TTR)
    • Time to survive (TTS)
  3. Risks mitigation strategies
    • Reactive
    • Proactive
  4. Q&A session