Free Webinar: Transportation Optimization

Free Webinar: Transportation Optimization

Transportation Optimization:
Combining Analytical and Simulation Approaches

Date and time: March 28, 2019, 3 pm — 4 pm UTC

Attendance fee: free

Language: English

About the webinar

Transportation optimization can involve many variables, and the effects of these on each other are often difficult to fully explore. In this webinar, using optimization experiments and simulation, we will consider fleet utilization, vehicle capacities, milk runs, deliveries with time windows, and other transportation factors to demonstrate the benefits of combining analytical and simulation approaches.

With a series of practical demonstrations and the opportunity to ask questions, attendees can further their knowledge of transportation optimization and see how software can provide valuable decision-making support.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Strategic and tactical transportation challenges
  2. Route optimization for cost effectiveness:
    • Capacity & time windows
    • Integration with simulation model
  3. Simulation:
    • Real world randomness
    • Fleet size estimation
    • Fleet & vehicle utilization
    • Transport budgeting & service level
    • Risk analysis
  4. Q&A session


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