Webinar: 3 Key Things To Consider When Designing Your Supply Chain Model in anyLogistix

Webinar: 3 Key Things To Consider When Designing Your Supply Chain Model in anyLogistix

Date and time: October 29, 3 — 4 pm UTC (convert to your local time)

Attendance fee: free

Language: English

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for model builders, analysts, leaders that manage modeling projects, and supply chain professionals who want to increase their knowledge of supply chain model design.

Webinar description

Digital supply chain design is becoming standard for managing operational risks and improving logistics network efficiency. When developing a supply chain model, you need to take into account many different elements, such as business demand, customer service level, external constraints, KPI’s and more. You also need to choose an optimal supply chain strategy that best meets all the requirements and allows you to get the most efficient result.

In this webinar you’ll learn 3 key aspects of modeling that will make a world of a difference when building a model. We will share tips and tricks for creating fast and efficient models and show how anyLogistix can be applied to resolve a whole variety of challenges.

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Strategies to create fast models
  • Network Optimization Tips and Tricks
  • How to combine Business Intelligence and anyLogistix
  • Q&A session



Webinar Host

Alexandre Ouellet

Alex Ouellet is the CEO and founder of SimWell, a fast-growing simulation and optimization company with offices across North America. He is a simulation enthusiast who has solved hundreds of simulation problems across industry. In addition to SimWell, Mr. Ouellet lectures on simulation at several universities in Montreal.

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