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Manufacturing Supply Chain Optimization

Manufacturers continue to face heavy competition from global companies with complex resources and low cost outsourcing. It is essential to monitor and optimize all facets of the manufacturing process to squeeze every aspect of profitability out of the production costs. Manufacturing operations and supply chain inventory must be managed with discipline to minimize stock while meeting production requirements and timing constraints. The bullwhip effect often becomes a major contributor to this challenge. Producers need to manage challenges connected to it and the problems it creates identifying the cause of demand changes and find ways to minimize adverse effects.

anyLogistix allows manufacturers to:
  • Model the complete supply chain end-to-end, including suppliers, production sites, warehouses, and customers, with the level of detail required to trace and analyze problems.
  • Analyze inventory, sourcing, and transportation policies.
  • Do “what-if” analysis to test assumptions.
  • Carry out risk analysis to estimate how secure the decisions are.
  • Analyze network's capacity and reliability.
  • Estimate resources you might need to support your supply chain and production.
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Distribution Supply Chain Optimization

Distributors who have many suppliers and customers are constantly challenged with finding the optimal balance between demand fulfillment & service level with cost & capacity. In addition to inventory, sourcing and transportation policies, distribution center efficiency is greatly dependent on internal organizational business processes and resource availability (staff, forklift trucks, etc.). Easily capture and model all of this with anyLogistix.

With anyLogistix, you can:
  • Analyze inventory, sourcing, and transportation policies.
  • Analyze supply chain throughput and capacity.
  • Optimize resource utilization and processes.
  • Test your assumptions with powerful “what-if” scenarios.
  • Investigate how randomness and irregularity can affect your supply chain.
  • Consider how to adjust your supply chain to a changing environment.
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Retail Supply Chain Optimization

Retail is a fast-paced industry where margins are slim and competition is fierce. For companies to be successful, they must continuously improve processes to decrease costs while meeting customers’ expectations to satisfy delivery time, availability, terms and price. The supply chain is the core of retail business and its success directly depends on how effective and efficient it runs.

anyLogistix helps retailers manage their supply chains by finding answers to critical questions:
  • Where to locate a new retail store?
  • What are the optimal inventory and sourcing policies?
  • What are the possible losses due to an out-of-stock condition?
  • What if I change the supply chain structure, how will it influence the KPIs?
  • Should I switch from physical stores to an online store, or vice versa?
  • What is the maximum capacity of my supply chain? How sustainable is it?
  • What if I increase my customer base, will I be able to maintain the same service level?
  • What is the overall budget for my supply chain?

anyLogistix will help you address all these questions and many more. With anyLogistix, you can experiment with your supply chain network to analyze assumptions and uncover the best solutions. As an example: because anyLogistix supports agent-based simulation modeling methodology, you can model consumer behavior at a very detailed level to forecast demand, estimate how consumers may react to your promotion and how their behavior affects your supply chain.

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Logistics Optimization

As a Logistics or 3PL service provider the success of your business highly depends on your ability to provide efficient and effective routing and on-time delivery with the lowest cost. To maintain a leading position in this market you must continually analyze the network to understand its complexities, determine what level of service you can deliver to your customers at a cost effective rate and how to develop your network with optimal investment. With anyLogistix you will be able to create complex models to analyze the network with tremendous detail to get answer to all of the critical questions to make you successful:

  • Analyze the network and its ecosystem
  • Consider growth possibilities
  • Evaluate how to develop the network and where to invest
  • Analyze how to increase the efficiency of existing network
  • Estimate the risks and stability of the system
  • Test your assumptions with powerful “what-if” scenarios
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