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The anyLogistix (ALX) educational toolkit is comprised of the following parts:

  1. ALX Book
    The ALX book explains how anyLogistix can be used to create supply chain models, conduct experiments, and drive value from the results. By minimizing technical complexity, anyLogistix allows students to focus on the analysis of management decisions and use KPIs to measure operational, customer, and financial performance.
  2. ALX Exercises
    The ALX Exercises have been developed to support simulation and optimization within supply chain management courses through the anyLogistix software. This collection of exercises is a supplement to the main ALX Book, which provides technical guidance for building ALX models.

    Please note that you can currently launch the Transportation Optimization example scenario from Chapter 2 only in anyLogistix 2.
  3. ALX Course Structure
    The ALX Course Structure provides suggestions for how anyLogistix can be incorporated into the teaching of supply chain management, specifically around simulation and optimization methods. These approaches will be applied to areas of differing focus, duration, and complexity.


Prof. Dr. Dmitry Ivanov is a Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He has been teaching and presenting his research for more than 20 years in operations and supply chain management disciplines at different universities worldwide.

He leads working groups, tracks, and sessions on the Digital Supply Chain, Risk Management, and Resilience in global research communities. He is the author of around 300 publications, including research papers in prestigious academic journals and books “Global Supply Chain and Operations Management” and "Structural Dynamics and Resilience in Supply Chain Risk Management".

For questions on the educational usage of anyLogistix, contact Dr. Dmitry Ivanov.

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