This table allows you to specify external product suppliers. We assume that each supplier has infinite number of any product in stock.




Name of the supplier.

It must be a meaningful name since you will refer to it in other ALX tables.


Supplier type. The default supplier type is “Supplier”, but it can be replaced with your own supplier type.


Reference to a particular location defined in the Locations table.


[Available in GFA scenario type]

Defines the product or a group of products that the current supplier offers.

Inclusion Type

Defines the status of the given supplier:

  • Include - include this supplier into supply chain configuration.
  • Exclude - exclude this supplier from supply chain configuration. If selected, the table record will be grayed out to denote the current inclusion type. The table record stays editable.
    Note: If you feel that your scenario contains too many objects marked as "Excluded" and you know that you no longer use them, you can instantly remove all such objects.

Here you define an icon that will represent this particular object only. All other objects of this type will keep their current icons.

Initially the default icon  is set to all suppliers. (can be changed in Edit Icons ).