Creating a New Scenario

ALX scenario stores the data about your supply chain configuration. You can conduct experiments of various types for the created scenario to solve different business tasks.

Each project starts with creating a scenario and populating it with data. Scenario contains complete information on shipping and related operations, as well as all the data on vehicles, warehouses etc. This data is used for running experiments and building reports.

To create a scenario
  1. You can create a new scenario by doing either of the following:

    The Scenario Properties dialog box will open:

  2. Define the basic parameters of your scenario. For more information refer here.
  3. If reqruied, click Add scenario data to open the advanced section containing scenario settings with editable predefined data.

  4. Provide the required values for the corresponding parameters. For more information refer here.

  1. Click OK. The new scenario will be instantly opened. You can always modify the scenario properties later by right-clicking the scenario in the Project tree and selecting Properties from the context menu. All the currently opened scenarios are available in the corresponding scenario type tab.

The New scenario dialog parameters

Advanced parameters of the New scenario dialog


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