Converting Scenarios

ALX offers scenarios of four different types (GFA, NO, SIM, TO). Having created a scenario of a certain type you can later switch it to any other type by creating a copy that will be automatically converted.

Note: If you convert the current scenario to the scenario of the same type, (e.g. while working with the GFA scenario, you create a GFA copy of it), you will also copy the experiment parameters (they can be reset, if required.).

To convert a scenario from the current type to other type.

  1. Right-click the required scenario to open the pop-up menu enlisting the possible conversion types.

  2. Click the scenario type that you would like to convert the current scenario to. The data of the converting scenario will be automatically adjusted depending on the type of conversion that you are performing.

    When the copy is created, you will be taken to the tab of the required scenario type with the newly created scenario selected.

Data adjustments when converting scenarios

When converting from the GFA type of scenario to:

When converting from the NO type of scenario to:

When converting from the SIM type of scenario to: