Results of the Advanced TO Experiment

Results of the experiment contain detailed statistics on trips, distance covered, expenses, revenue, profit, etc. 

Note: The Advanced TO experiment is run online. When completed, the result is downloaded to anyLogistix. The result is removed from the server once it has been downloaded. If not downloaded (e.g. you started the experiment, closed anylogistix and went on a vacation) it will be stored online for 10 days, whereafter it will be deleted and you will have to run the experiment again.

Based on the selected objective, the results offer optimal solution in terms of:

A trip

A trip is a summary of every customer a vehicle visited, every job it did (loading/unloading, heading to/coming from), and all the covered distance within the day. A trip is limited by the:

During one trip a vehicle can return to the positioning site as many times as required to fulfill the demand. A lap is created within such trip each time a vehicle visits its positioning site.

e.g. Let us say that we have 1 DC and 5 customers. A vehicle can load at the DC, set off to visit customers 1-3, then return to DC, load again and set off to visit customers 4-5. The next round might as well include customers from the previous route, e.g. having visited customers 1-3, a vehicle may set off to visit customers 2, 4-5 if required.

Results of the Advanced TO experiment

The results are available in the dashboard below the experiment's view in the form of statistics, distributed through the pages on the left (each page refers to a certain type of statistics). If required, you can rename, remove a page, or export the content of the page's statistics to MS Excel file.

The saved results can be exported to:

By default the Optimization results page is opened, however, the detailed statistics (from the Custom table group) are available in the pages on the left:
To see experiment results
  1. Run the experiment.
  2. Once the experiment is completed, a new Result item will be created in the TO experiment branch.

  3. Navigate to the Optimization results tab below the experiment view to analyze the results. 
  4. Click a record to have it displayed on the map (visualization of TO results differs).

    Note: By default the connections are depicted with straight lines. Disable the Show Straight toggle button in the Optimization results page to depict actual routes.

  5. Click the Disable the toggle button in the Straight column to see the actual routes instead of the straight lines.


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