Results of the GFA with Roads Experiment

The results of the GFA with roads experiment offer a more accurate location of the DCs, since the experiment considers actual roads. Your objects will not be placed on top of a mountain or in a middle of a swamp.

Based on the data provided in the scenario tables, the GFA with roads results offer:

The results are available in the dashboard below the experiment's view in the form of statistics, distributed through the tabs on the left (each tab refers to a certain type of statistics). If required, you can rename, remove a tab, or export the content of the tab's statistics to MS Excel file: To see experiment results
  1. Run the experiment.
  2. Once the experiment is completed, a new Results item will be created in the GFA experiment branch. 

  3. Click Results, to analyze the results.

    Note: GFA result data cannot be edited unless you convert it to a scenario.


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