Results of the GFA Experiment

Based on the data provided in the scenario tables, the GFA results offer:

Since GFA does not take into account roads, cities, means of transportation etc., it may suggest putting DCs on top of a mountain or in the middle of a sea. If you want the experiment to consider roads, run the GFA with roads experiment.

The results are available in the dashboard below the experiment's view in the form of statistics, distributed through the tabs on the left (each tab refers to a certain type of statistics). If required, you can rename, remove a tab, or export the content of the tab's statistics to MS Excel file:

To see experiment results
  1. Run the experiment.
  2. Once the experiment is completed, a new Result item will be created in the GFA experiment branch. 

  3. Click Results to analyze the results.

    Note: GFA result data cannot be edited unless you convert it to a scenario.


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