Properties of a Dashboard Element

A dashboard element is a graphical representation of one or several statistics collected during the experiment execution. You can set up a dashboard element by setting its properties in the Properties dialog box.

To open the Properties dialog box

  1. Click the Change settings button in the top-right corner of the desired element. The Properties dialog box will open:


The Properties dialog box consists of the following areas:
  1. Statistics selection - allows you to select the statistics that will be visualized by the dashboard element. The toolbar contains:
  2. Preview - displays the preview of the dashboard element in accordance with the current settings.
  3. Daily / Accumulate - toggles the type of data the statistics will show:

    Note: If Daily data is visualized as a Table or a Bar chart, the statistics will show the data for one day only, i.e. either the current value of this day (e.g. in case of Available inventory statistics ), or the value received at the end of the previous day.

  4. Additional settings - this table allows you to specify the details and filters for data displaying with its columns:

    Detail by - shows the name of the data type that the Contains column allows you to filter:

    Contains - allows you to filter the elements of the corresponding type that you would like to analyze the data from.

    Show - specifies if statistics should show the total data or per item.


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