Phase 2. Add Products

In the previous phase we created a new scenario for our supply chain and specified customers. In this phase we will add Play Station console (PS4) to our supply chain scenario as a product that we will supply our customers with. We will also define its parameters in the Products table.

Add a product

  1. Navigate to the Products table by selecting it in the Basic tab.
    The table already contains a draft product record. We will edit this record

  1. Click the Name column cell and type in PS4.
  1. Double-click the Unit product cell and select pcs.
    Note: The product measurement unit specified herein will affect calculations, since the default measurement unit is m3. We will have to do either of the following as we proceed to design our supply chain:
    • Create pcs - m3 conversion rule in the Unit conversions table. This will completely eliminate any further issues with the defined product measurement unit.
    • Manually specify the new measurement unit and make corresponding changes in the tables of the scenario. We will stick with this option to show the required changes. 

When done, the content of your Products table should correspond to the screenshot below:

We have defined the first product of our supply chain and completed phase 2 of this tutorial.

Our next step is to define the customer's demand for the PS4, according to which they will be ordering it.

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