Supply Chain Optimization

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are all committed to keeping their inventory policies balanced and push for cuts in operating costs, including transportation, production, and distribution expenses. In each case, managers often face a variety of supply chain design alternatives that cannot be tested manually. With an immense volume of potential solutions, supply chain management needs optimization techniques to calculate more profitable and less risky design choices.

The anyLogistix (ALX) supply chain optimization software tool can help you determine:

  • Locations for distribution or production facilities
  • Inventory, sourcing, and transportation policy parameters
  • Product flows, including sourcing options
  • Fleet size and utilization rate estimations

In addition to traditional network optimization problem solving, ALX allows you to test multiple what-if scenarios to conduct complex supply chain planning and analysis, and fine tune your network.

Why Choose ALX?

ALX complements traditional mathematical optimization techniques with simulation capabilities. Simulation models allow you to improve optimization and forecasting efficiency in comparison to traditional analytical supply chain network optimization software tools.

Here is why you need both methods in your software:

Analytical methods
  • Get first-approximation intermediary solutions
  • Build models at a higher abstraction level
  • Produce optimization results quickly

Simulation modeling methods
  • Achieve precise results
  • Simulate supply chain operations in time
  • Consider uncertainties and risks

Combining both optimization techniques provides the users with more accurate data for analysis in a shorter turnaround time.

How to explore your supply chain dynamics?

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