Webinar: Evaluating On-Shoring Strategies with Network Optimization and Simulation

Webinar: Evaluating On-Shoring Strategies with Network Optimization and Simulation

Date and time: August 20, 3 — 4 pm UTC (convert to your local time)

Attendance fee: free

Language: English

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for supply chain leaders and analysts.

Webinar description

Disruptions like trade wars and COVID-19 are forcing organizations to re-evaluate their supply chains and strategies such as onshoring and near-shoring that bring operations closer to customer are increasingly under consideration.

If you’re evaluating a significant change to the structure of your supply chain, you’re probably asking questions like how many sites do we need and where should they be located? How much should we make at each location? What customers can we service at each site? What will the service level be for each scenario?

In this webinar, SimWell, a US-based team of digital network design experts, will show how you can evaluate onshoring and near-shoring strategies and appraise changes to the structure of your supply chain. Using anyLogistix, they will showcase how supply chain design and network optimization are key to dealing with change and meeting your objectives.

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Comparing Brownfield and Greenfield scenarios
  • Calculating ROI of a supply chain design change
  • How to evaluate supply chain designs
  • Q&A session


Webinar Host

Alex Franco

Alex Franco is a Senior Supply Chain Consultant at SimWell where he specializes in helping customers understand how to replicate their supply chain in a digital environment with anyLogistix. Alex has spent the last 15 years in various roles across the supply chain and now leads our anyLogistix coaching and training program.

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