Site States Changes

This table is used within the Network Optimization and Simulation types of experiments only.

This tables allows you to change the state (closed/open) of a site (DC or factory) or a group of sites at the beginning of the specified period of time. 

Note: The changed state of a site will not be automatically reverted to its original state at the end of the specified period. To revert the change, you have to create another period in the Periods table and create a new state change in this table that will set the site's original type of state. See the example below.




Specify the required site (DC/Factory) or a group of sites that will change its state at the beginning of the specified Period of time.

Time Period

Specify the period of time (defined in the Periods table) at the beginning of which the specified Site will be in the required State

Double-click the cell and select the required period from the drop-down list of available periods.


Defines the new state of the specified site (DC or factory) or a group of sites.


The Site 2 facility is initially closed. To open it and close again:

While closed, a facility or a group of facilities will not be subject to any expenses. The icon of the site on the GIS map will be minimized to show that the site is not available.


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