Period Groups

The Period groups table aggregates multiple periods (previously defined in the Periods table) into one entry thus preventing a user from creating multiple entries within for defining Demand Forecast.

For example, you have three periods that must be considered by the same demand. Instead of creating a separate entry in the table for each period, you can create a period group and define a single entry referring to this group.

The names of the groups in the table cells and drop-down lists are put in brackets to visually distinghuish them from the names of the single objects.




Name of the group of periods. 

Click the corresponding row cell and type in the name of the group. 

We suggest that you should give the group a meaningful name since you may need to refer to this period by its name in the Demand Forecast table.


To edit the content of the group, double-click the cell and select the checkboxes next to the required periods in the appeared dialog box.