Fleet Size

This table is used within the simulation-based experiments only (i.e. Simulation, VariationComparison, Safety Stock Estimation, and Risk Analysis). This table allows you to assign a certain vehicle type (as well as the quantity of vehicles of this type) to a site (DC or Factory) that will be using them to deliver products to its customers and replenish its stock by sending the vehicles to its supplier.

By default a site (DC or Factory) has infinite quantity of vehicles, i.e. there is always a vacant truck to deliver an order. Alongside this, if the fleet size is not defined for a site, the vehicles that have delivered their orders do not return to the positioning site, they simply disappear on delivering their orders. If a site has a properly configured fleet size, the vehicles that have delivered their orders will be returning to the positioning site. 

Once you have assigned the required type of vehicles to a site, you must navigate to the Paths table and define the path that will be used by the vehicles at this site. Otherwise, The site will continue to use the default type of vehicles.




Defines the site that the fleet belongs to. It can be of either DC or Factory type.

Double-click the cell and select the required site from the drop-down list of available sites.

Vehicle Type

Specify the type of vehicles that the facility will be using to ship the products. 

Double-click the cell and select the required vehicle type from the drop-down list of available vehicles.


Specify the amount of vehicles that the fleet consists of. Once all the currently available vehicles have been dispatched from the site, it will not be available to ship any orders until at least one of the vehicles returns. 

Note: If you specify 0, the site will have unlimited quatity of vehicles in its fleet. You will be also able to gather statistics data on vehicle types.