Assets Constraints

This table is used within the Network Optimization experiment only. It allows you to define the parameters that will be used by the NO experiment to find the optimal quantity and locations of the super DCs.

e.g. Our supply chain contains 50 DCs distributed over a certain area and we feel that a number of super DCs could significantly improve this supply chain. By creating a record in this table we specify the group of DCs to consider (create a group of these DCs in the Groups table), and the min and max quantity of the super DCs that we would like to have. The NO experiment will consider this record to provide us with the optimal solution.




Specify the group of the DCs to choose super DCs from.


Specify the minimum number of DCs (or super DCs) that you require to have in the current supply chain.


Specify the maximum number of DCs (or super DCs) that you require to have in the current supply chain.

Time Period

The time period during which the constraints are valid.

Inclusion Type

Defines the status of the given group. 

  • Include - include this constraint into supply chain configuration.
  • Exclude - exclude this constraint from supply chain configuration. If selected, the table record will be grayed out to denote the current inclusion type. The table record stays editable.
    Note: If you feel that your scenario contains too many objects marked as "Excluded" and you know that you no longer use them, you can instantly remove all such objects.


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