Visualization of TO Result

The TO type of scenarios allow you to execute experiments, which offer optimized routes comprising numerous customers that are visited in a certain order. Hence the necessity to have this sequence depicted on the map to have a better and instant understanding of the route structure.

To exammine results

  1. Once the experiment is completed, a new Result item will be created in the experiment's branch.
  2. Navigate to the Optimization results tab below the experiment view and click a result record to have it displayed on the map.
    The map will show the route (trip in case of ATO experiment). The visited customers are marked with numbers corresponding to the order in which each customer is visited.

    In case of the Advanced TO experiment an object (customer/site) may be visited several times within a trip. Such object is marked with an inverted icon. The ordinal number on the inverted icon refers to the last lap. Click the object for ordinal numbers from the previous laps.

  3. Click the required object on the map, a semi-transparent description box will appear, containing:

    In our case the Köln customer was visited twice within the same trip (Stop #5, STop #7).

  4. To see the actual routes instead of the straight lines, disable the toggle button of the required route in the Straight column of the Optimization results table.


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