Advanced TO Experiment

This experiment is a type of transportation optimization experiment that optimizes the delivery routes based on the defined objective (as opposed to the CTO experiment, which optimizes expenses only).

The free experiment version allows up to 100 delivery locations plus 1 site (registration is required). To expand the number of delivery locations contact anylogistix support team to obtain monthly or annual subscription plan.

Note: The experiment is not available offline. Calculations are done on a remote ALX server.

The experiment allows you to create routes, generating them in such a way that the vehicles used in the network will visit every customer as they proceed to the last one (which is not necessarily the farthest one), whereupon they will return to the initial location, load and proceed delivering the products until the shift ends.

Note: The smallest time and distance units are minutes and meters respectively. If e.g. second is defined, the experiment will convert it to minute.


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