Running the NO Experiment

To run this experiment you must obligatory specify either a Supplier (Suppliers table) or an Initial stock (Product Storages table), or both of them.

If no path is specified for the user-defined DC, Network Optimization experiment will not consider it.

To run the Network Optimization experiment

  1. Click the NO tab located in the top left area of ALX workspace, and select the scenario to work with.
  2. Navigate to the the experiments section and select NO experiment.
    The GIS map will be substituted with the experiment's parameters.

  3. Set the experiment parameters:
  4. Click Run to execute the experiment. 

    Note: If you are currently running one or more experiment(s) of any type, a warning message will pop-up, notifying you about the number of currently running experiments.

    A pop-up dialog box will appear showing the progress of downloading the required routes. The experiment will be executed once all the routes have been downloaded.

  5. Analyze the results of the experiment provided.


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