Results of the Capacitated TO Experiment

Results of the experiment contain a set of routes with the lowest expenses. The set includes only the routes that let a vehicle visit every customer serviced by a corresponding site by each specified vehicle type per shipment.

Let us say that we have:
In this case the experiment will perform 16 iterations one for each combination of a site, the specified vehicle type covering every customer defined in the Sourcing and Paths tables per shipment. As a result, 16 possible routes will be found that offer: Note: Capacitated TO experiment considers actual roads. The GIS map however, depicts the results with straight lines only. 

The results are available in the dashboard below the experiment's view in the form of statistics, distributed through the tabs on the left (each tab refers to a certain type of statistics). If required, you can rename, remove a tab, or export the content of the tab's statistics to MS Excel file.

By default the Optimization results tab is opened, however the detailed statistics (from the Custom table group) are available in the tabs on the left:
To see experiment results
  1. Run the experiment.
  2. Once the experiment is completed, a new Result item will be created in the TO experiment branch.
  3. Click Result to analyze the results.


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