ATO Beer Delivery

Problem Definition

The beer supplier is set a task to optimize the delivery of goods to its customers.

The supply chain comprises:

There are two vehicle types in the fleet of the distribution center:

Type Capacity, pallets Cost, USD (per km) Amount
Truck 15 6 3
Lorry 10 4 3

Customers order beer every 3 days, with the expected lead time of 4 days.

The distribution center and customers have time limits for processing, sending and receiving orders. We also know the time it takes to load and unload the goods.

It is required to obtain the optimal set of routes in terms of profit considering the existing conditions (expected delivery time, time windows)


By default, the results of the experiment are available in the Optimization Results tab, which contains a table with the optimal set of routes that satisfy the required conditions. Each route has:
Pay attention to the following:
More data on orders and their processing is available on the following pages:


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