SIM Risk Analysis

We consider a supply chain with shoes supplier in Qui Nhon, (shipping products through port of Vung Tau in Vietnam), port of Kobe, two sites (Itami and Tokyo), and 50 customers in the largest cities of Japan. The demand is proportional to the population of the cities.

Supply chain operations are tightly connected with risks and uncertainties, which must be considered for proper strategic supply chain design and planning. This complicates the planning process and sets high standards for the agility and robustness of the supply chain. The risks must be identified to properly design a delivery network, define policies, and plan actions in case of an emergency.

What will happen if the rainy season starts in Vietnam, production suspends or demand changes? If you want to stress-test the supply chain in emergency situations you can assess particular “what-if” scenarios with the aid of Risk Analysis experiment.

The result contains estimated risks, allowing you to design a network that will minimize possible losses and increase supply chain resilience.


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