SIM Distribution Network Inside 4 Walls

We consider a supply chain with a supplier in Leipzig which supplies customers in Hanover, Munich, Vienna, Poznan, Hamburg and Nuremberg through DCs in Prague and Berlin. The supply chain deals with three products: PC, Monitor, and MFP. The demand is of repetitive nature, certain volume of products is ordered every:

The advantage of anyLogistix is the ability to extend any object using AnyLogic. You can model site operations inside four walls: the warehouse is divided into several zones and has several staff types. The pallets are delivered to the warehouse by trucks. The servicing staff unloads the pallets and moves them to the reception zone, where the pallets are handled, marked by registrars and moved to the Storage zone by forklift trucks.

For each order a warehouse receives, a forklift picks a single pallet from the storage and transports it to the dispatch area. The controlling staff of this area matches the pallet contents with the order. A retail (smaller) truck later drives into the warehouse and takes the pallet out of the warehouse. The zone and staff utilization data is collected and displayed. Resource capacities can change dynamically.

This scenario illustrates the effect of stuff utilization on the ELT service level.


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