NO Sunflower Oil Factory (with By-Products)

A company acquires sunflower oil factories in Russia and Ukraine to merge their supply chains.

The maximum monthly throughput of each factory constitutes 20000 tons of sunflower seeds.

These are zero waste factories producing sunflower husk and pressed cake as by-products. 

First, the sunflower seeds are de-husked, which leaves us with:

The sunflower grain is further processed to receive:

Factories produce two types of sunflower oil:

The supply chain comprises:

We want to choose optimal locations for:

Products are delivered to Turkey and Egypt by sea through ports in Odessa (Ukraine) and Novorossiysk (Russia).

The by-products (husk and pressed cake) are also processed:


Demand differs for each product:

Demand for sunflower oil and its by-products changes during the modeling period of three years:


Find optimal locations (from the list of available locations) for the required number of distribution centers.

Analyze the data within the three years on:


Results offer us several supply chain configurations with detailed statistics, which show that:


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