NO Global Network Optimization

We consider a supply chain with factories producing home and garden products in Xiamen and Shenzhen (China)б which are provided with the required components by the supplier located in Shantou (China). Five products are produced within the supply chain: lighting, large home appliances, furniture, gardening equipment, and small appliances. The products are purchased by customers in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and the European and Asian parts of Russia. Product shipping to a customer can be done directly from the factory, ports, distribution centers, or from ports through DCs.

The goal is to determine the best shipping method for each customer taking into account the following constraints:

The result of the experiment offers to open the following DCs: DC Kisangani in Africa, DC Nanchang (China), DC Chandrapur (India) in Asia, DC Dallas in North America, DC Asuncion in South America, DC Brussels in Europe, and DC Moscow in the European part of Russia. The data on product, production flows, all costs, etc. is shown in the corresponding tables.


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