BFA Extending Beer Distribution

The Brownfield Analysis helps us to find the optimal location for the new distribution centers in the existing supply chain.

Problem description

A German beer distributor is planning to expand its supply chain. They are considering to open new distribution centers in the cities with the minimum population of 15,000 people. Facilities should be located within the range of 200km from the customers.

The existing beer supply chain comprises:

The average demand for beer per capita per year is 73 bottles.


Find the optimal number and locations of new distribution centers.


The result of the experiment with the new optimal DC locations is available in the New Site Locations.

The six new distribution centers are located in:


The result of the experiment offers six new warehouses located throughout Germany and new sourcing policies, which can be observed after converting the result to a new scenario.

The data on product flows, distance coverage by demand and demand coverage by distance is given in the corresponding tables:


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